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Final renders, ready to show off
Hi Swissmountain, Thanks for all your support! Mmmm... i really thought this mac was quite powerful and could render high quality. A lot of people who animate recommend me it, that's why I bought it, and it wasn't that cheap. Is there any possible way that i could increase the score without changing the laptop? Im not changing the laptop for 2 reasons: 1) I am preparing for university. For Uni I would need to bring my projects to class, and work on them in places different from my residence. That's why I'm not interested in workstation nor PCs. 2) I'm not interested in buying a new laptop, i just bought this Mac and it was very expensive. So...do i have any chance to generate high-res images? By the way, could you please give me an...
Hello guys after a while I was trying to recreate a beautiful photo from ivo tavares studio it was much fun again, something was quite easy, something struggle, but overall quite OK :) 6 mins render, 1300 samples, a little bit of denoiser It took me eventually almost 8 hours of work - pretty much for this small scene but I was tweaking geometry pretty long no photoshop as usually, pure THEA Hope you like it guys (y):) Keep rendering
Hello everyone, I work in motion picture visualization as a senior illustrator and concept artist using Thea Render and finally managed to upload my work onto Artstation. I thought I'd share a link here for anyone interested to check it out. https://www.artstation.com/swissmountain All the work on there is created using Thea Render with some Photoshop adjustments. Thea is an incredibly useful render engine and I am so grateful to the Thea team for keeping it going for us! So much love and gratitude to all of you!