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Final renders, ready to show off
As you may have seen in my Lab ( see signature ) , I have been working on my kitchen relighting using Thea over mental ray. It's coming along well and I though I would produce a relight video using the relight keyframing tools and the program -Avidemux ( very easy and powerful for converting image sequences to video ) I call this ' done ' , as I won't be re-rendering this particular view. There is still some noise coming from the caustics from the water in the sink. After 20 hours It hadn't resolved so I called it a day. How long do you think that would take to resolve? I used TR1
Hello everyone, post here my first render with The Render Usually for my 3d model i render with Yafaray (it's free and pretty good) but i decided to purchased Thea Render because find it a great release Congratulation! Cardella 21-1.jpg unbiased(TR1) in 11h Cardella 32-1.jpg photoreal(BSD) in 3h42' IntelCore 3Ghz, 4Gb Ram, windows7 Model with SketchUp, render Thea Render Borisha P.S. Sorry for my english
New Coffee Table design. Rendered Bias 5hr 15 min. Caustics is enabled,I boosted the final gather samples to 800 and that helped a lot but I am still getting this weird detached shadow look under the feet of the table. I checked and the model is hitting the ground. Should I enable photon mapping? Steve
Hi all, after a while of absence from the forum here I am with you. I hope that the image is welcome.. :) Max2Thea> rev. 0.4 Thea x64> rev. 350 (TR2) Original Image Size 1500 * 825 Time to render> I can not quantify because i resumed 3 or 4 times.. but more than 10 hours. Regards, Blackice
Hi everyone i was working on a Carbon Fiber Material ... here are the results of one of the Carbon Fiber .... one uses a regular indoor HDRI for light and the other a Studio HDRI ... will post the Materials soon at the Material section of the forum :) (there will be probably 3 or 4 different carbon fiber materials/patterns (raw rough and fine glossy finish) Greetings Patrick
Hi guys! Here's a few renderings by me done during the internal betaphase, more of them will come later on when they are worth showing. Some of these may still contain noise and some may not be final but they show off different things. All images are rendered on my Q6600 2,4ghz rig with 8gb ram running Windows 7 x64 and the Cinema4D plugin. Theapot :) a bit of wordplay i know but i thought it fit the theme of the image. 2h 45min rendertime Orangejuice glass, rendertime 8h 30min at 1920x1080. http://maximus3d.se/files/misc/tests/stuff/Thea/Thea_orangejuice_1920x1200_8h30min.jpg Some materialtests.. And a unfinished optics experiment, i will redo this later on to make it look better and ofcourse cleaner. :) / Magnus