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Final renders, ready to show off
Hi everyone :) I felt like doing a tutorial about how to produce a flash-light effect, so i found this great 3d model floating around at http://www.flyingarchitecture.com. Well, it should have cooked longer, but i think it shows it well enough. I did tonemap it a bit, but im not sure i like how it came out. Tr2, Relight, 6 hours (on my poor pc) Tell me what you think, and if you feel curious, you can always go to the tutorial thread and find it.
I had been testing Thea rendering old scenes, to have reference points and learning about settings. There is a shot from a kitchen I did last summer, but rendered with Thea. Not much changes, just the lighting and new Thea mats. TR1 around 4-5 days with my slow AMDX2 1,8ghz (really is opteron one, I could do some OC, but the mobo sucks) and noise reduction and blooming in post pro.
Hi, I make this render to test the max2thea exporter, and i was really surprised, it's very well integrated...As well as vray or maxwell for exemple !! It's a pleasure to find the matlab directly in max :D ...It's a test, thus the subject is not really amazing :mrgreen: ( But I understood that max2thea is not a basic xml exporter, but a really useful tool ! ..... Without wanting to advertise :P ) Unbiased Tr1 - 30min ( the render was almost clean after 15min ) Ibl + 1 emitter Just a (very) little level adjustement in photoshop Greetings, Dgeph
This was rendered just late afternoon sun bias, Thank you Solo for the info on min rays which is set to 50. Huge difference in the look. These are all designs from my furniture line. All modeled in Turbocad ver 16 pro. It took one hour to render. Resolution was set a bit low. Steve
Oke i was strolling the inet as bumped into these. 3d scanned images in wrl format found an app that converts this to 3d and so i brought it into thea. even the uv-mapping went oke! (for me ok) added a nice marmer texture with some displacement and spec and foilla, cool render file is a bit back though, 29mb for just the *.scn.thea!!! pretty heavy! some feebback please?
This is a model from a project last year, actual home is a few weeks away from completed. Thought I'd give Thea a go at it. NO post processing, this is a RAW Thea image. DOF, Grass is displaced, background is rendered png, all trees are 3d models. Render reduced for posting, rendered with TR1 for 4h 20.
This is a bike I did for a Truespace contest on the TS forum, it won the last ever contest to be held there The original pic was rendered in KT and took 8 hours to do 47 passes with MLT I lost the KT scene so I had to re do the textures in Thea ((obj import) its got a different background anyway it took 30 mins on a AMD dual core 4400+ bias only light source a hdri on unbias tr1 its clean at 10 passes Still need to fix stuff like the coach bolts and other black parts look a bit lifeless
Nothing but a quick sculpt :D My Sculpting skills are not so fantastic, but i had great fun yesterday when i found this free sculpting program called sculptris. This is what i came up with :) I relighted the scene just for the hell of it, such a nice feature. Thought about putting it in Work in progress, but i probably wont do more with it. Best Wishes -Mark
Hello, I follow thea's developement for a long time but had never dared to post on the forum, so here is my first try with it, and openly thea has nothing to envy the other one. The materials lab is really awesome... Thus here is an unpretentious render, which allows me to understand the thea's logic ! method : unbiased fx : bloom, vignetting no post prod ...and sorry for my poor english, i'm french and I did not well follow my English courses... :oops: :roll: bye !
Hello, here is my first cinema4d/thea render test. and first impression is very good tho I still have to understand the mat system better. left this one overnight but my 1 h tests were also very clean ok now im officially hooked :) just have to find some cash to join the ride.....as for now thanks for making the demo available excellent work you have done! kizo cinema4d - cinethea IBL lightning unbiased TR2 superSampeling=high Finished pass #347 of thread #0 (128 seconds) Total Ray Tests : 3676484216, Intersections found : 2726588939 Finished in 43717 seconds! no bloom and no post of any kind win xp pro 64-bit / cinema 11.5 64-bit 2*x5482 / 16 gb fb dimm
hye ! dspace on the wip topic make me hungry !!! :D So,here is my 2nd test : -Unbiased -render time : about an hour Undoubtedly, thea is a surprising software! By its quality, by its speed, by its simplicity, by its...by its...by its...That could last hours!!! :lol: Congratulations to thea render 's team !!! greetings dgeph!
Man I love this program! Go easy on me this is my first attempt, bias render 2hr 17. Just finding my way around the program but it is very user friendly. I am a furniture designer and maker and will be using it for product prototyping. All advice welcome! BTW I am using cheap hp slimline, so it is working hard! Steve