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Final renders, ready to show off
Modeled with Sketchup by Eric Lay Biased render, total render time 3m 33s, no post work The smoke is a clipmap, sky is an image for background and reflection, I made sure every surface has reflection or some blurry gloss. I'd say this is damn fast considering materials and traced reflections.
In another thread http://www.thearender.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1201 a member (Noro) wanted an interior render with only IES lighting, he showed an image he had done and after requesting the model he supplied it to me. I changed a few textures only as the wall texture was a quartz/corian which had sparkles in it which might have been assumed as speckles once rendered, so to avoid that I changed to a marble instead. This is not a competition as to what render engine is faster...
I have been playing with un-biased sss and found you can get some nice results! Unbiased sss always takes a while to render, particularly in tough conditions such as these (one medium size emitter from the side). The model is a high-poly export from zbrush (using decimation master). Rendered on an 8 core 2.5ghz intel for 8 hours at 1600x1600 then scaled down.
Hi everybody here is a Thea alpha render of a Vintage Sony Radio and the real photo which was used as reference the rendered image is pure Thea without any post pro ;) modeled by Jon and rendered by me Greetings Patrick
Playing around a bit. i7, 12gb RAM Vista 64, Thea 64. I stopped this render at exactly 10 minutes using unbiased engine. IBL lighting, gloss coating and some spec mapping. No post work. Modeled with Sketchup.
As I wait to give the biased engine a good run this week, I have accumulated a bunch of scenes ready to test. I decided to test one with Thea's unbiased engine while I wait, but only running for 10 minutes (I get bored of watching a render after that). I post the original render size, the render was run with only sun and an alpha channel, the desert is post added, all else is mesh. I used an i7, 12Gb ddr3 RAM, set on low priority (if that even effects speed I dunno) Forget about the...
Okay, the first of the BIASED renders. I did this scene in the 'Figurine' thread using unbiased, some folks wanted to see a biased version, I'm happy to say the biased engine is ready for real testing now. 1 minute and 30 seconds. NO post work.
Here is a Thea unbiased render of a scene involving dispersion. It rendered for 4h30min. on a 2GHz Core2Duo. Greetings, Cesar Tessarin
A fallen Newton's Cradle Original resolution: 1622x586 Lighting: HDRI Camera: - f-number: 16 - focus distance: 0.218 - shutter speed: 250 Render time: about an hour Q6600 intel 2 quad 4 GB RAM Vista 32
An appropriate image for these dates :) Merry Christmas for all
Here is a studio/interior render of a quite nice Hi-Fi system. I hope you like it ;)
Hi everybody Bowling scene .... no post pro all pure Thea alpha :) Greetings Patrick
Hi, I had some problems with Sun caustics in KT with this scene so I've tried this again in Thea. I think caustics is very good now. Scene is very simple, I know ;)
Some Jewellery... fun with dispersion and measured ior data.