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Final renders, ready to show off
I usually do architectural renderings, so I was trying something different for a change. Grabbed from Google 3D Warehouse. Biased render with some emitters, physical sky. I am still trying to figure out this new texturing system. The metal is pretty noisy. Looks like I have some work to do... :oops: I'm loving the program so far! I'll definitely be purchasing it soon.
You can find some of the scenes I did while beta testing here The girl was a Daz/obj import, the scene has 2 million polys The bike out side is a combination of merged items, base area SU, grass-KT, bike and trees obj I can't recall how long any of them took, but most where unbias apart from the ship
Some random renders, did not feel the need to start a new thread for each, so I will just throw some out there. As the heading suggests these are all biased renders, I was playing around with the Sketchup exporter, which thanks to Tomasz is awesome. I did all my texturing in Sketchup (Thea material editor), some have DOF which I also used the Thea plugin for SU to select (focal points), I have some with bloom (just for Richard :mrgreen: ) and some with Vignetting, all options within Thea. Most renders are very large and have been reduced for posting, makes it easier for those on laptops to navigate, there is NO post processing (so these are RAW renders) I use an i7 940, 12gb ram, Nvidia 280 Harley V-rod, Biased, DOF and Bloom, 11m 43
Another little test. Its a sketchup model that I brought in to 3dsmax, used as a template and remodeled. If I get time I'll fix the binding to be accurate to the real thing. Renderer: Unbiased time to cook: 23mins Q6600 8Gb edit: Adjusted the FG settings for the biased version and some other settings so there not identical.
This is my first Thea scene beside the small test so don't be too critic ;) Original image 2400px with relight (6 light sources) No postproduction, just resize for the low res. ones Day: Full version: http://www.motivacg.com/temporal/thea/day.jpg Night: Full version: http://www.motivacg.com/temporal/thea/nightsoftlight.jpg Night + camera flash: Full version: http://www.motivacg.com/temporal/thea/flash.jpg I also will record a small video too ;)
Hello everyone, This is a test-rendering made with RT (RhinoThearos). I wanted to put under pressure in this test the ability of exporter with large files. Here are The size of their file and the rendering time. Greetings to all, Blackice. ------------------------------------------------- original file Rhinoceros 4.0 sr7 > 294 MB file generated of RT > 629 MB file (thea) > 259 MB Rendering Time > 1h40m on Q6600@3.2Ghz Engine Core > Unbiased Thea (closed beta) > x86 RT > 101 -------------------------------------------------
Model by Shiek from PPB2 I was led to believe that dark interiors are especially taxing for unbiased renders (I come from a more biased side of archvis), so I thought I'd play with a scene that should be difficult (I never thought of it at time until mentioned that in general these scenes are taxing) I used the second of Thea's unbiased engines and let it cook for 3h 47m (until I thought it was clean enough) I kept to default ISO 100, shutter speed 250,f-number 5.6, gamma 2.2 and brightness of 1 , nor did I do any post work as I wanted to see Thea's native settings and see how light would look and how it would illuminate the space naturally.
Modeled with Sketchup by Eric Lay Biased render, total render time 3m 33s, no post work The smoke is a clipmap, sky is an image for background and reflection, I made sure every surface has reflection or some blurry gloss. I'd say this is damn fast considering materials and traced reflections.
In another thread http://www.thearender.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1201 a member (Noro) wanted an interior render with only IES lighting, he showed an image he had done and after requesting the model he supplied it to me. I changed a few textures only as the wall texture was a quartz/corian which had sparkles in it which might have been assumed as speckles once rendered, so to avoid that I changed to a marble instead. This is not a competition as to what render engine is faster, better, nicer, etc thus I will not put the images side to side, you can view the original scene by viewing the thread mentioned above. I did a whole bunch of these renders with different materials. All lights are IES, this was rendered on an i7 in 4h24m...
I have been playing with un-biased sss and found you can get some nice results! Unbiased sss always takes a while to render, particularly in tough conditions such as these (one medium size emitter from the side). The model is a high-poly export from zbrush (using decimation master). Rendered on an 8 core 2.5ghz intel for 8 hours at 1600x1600 then scaled down.