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Biased renders

Some random renders, did not feel the need to start a new thread for each, so I will just throw some out there.

As the heading suggests these are all biased renders, I was playing around with the Sketchup exporter, which thanks to Tomasz is awesome.
I did all my texturing in Sketchup (Thea material editor), some have DOF which I also used the Thea plugin for SU to select (focal points), I have some with bloom (just for Richard :mrgreen: ) and some with Vignetting, all options within Thea.

Most renders are very large and have been reduced for posting, makes it easier for those on laptops to navigate, there is NO post processing (so these are RAW renders)

I use an i7 940, 12gb ram, Nvidia 280

Harley V-rod, Biased, DOF and Bloom, 11m 43

harley v rod. 11m43s bloom.jpg
Hi Solo,

could you re-render my bathroom scene - I think it would be nice comparison of render methods - times and quality :)
I've been lurking there for some time and I was mostly amazed by quality of renders, but there were times I felt some render areas had a "tint" of plastic surface (while technically it was different material). For example, the back of Solo's car, in area where reflection of ground is, the surface is more matte comparing to the rest - especially the car's top with reflection of surrounding - it's more metallic to my liking.

But then again, it could be setting of lighting..

Anyway, I've got few questions regarding depth of field. Does Thea allows to render z-depth maps for post-processing? How much times differs when you're using Thea's DOF and not using?

Very difficult to explain, it has to do with my setup, I'm using a curved mesh for a studio and IBL lighting, so there will be areas that reflect the white studio and others that reflect the IBL reflection map, depending on angle of reflection

DOF has a very slight effect on rendering times, there are also many quality parameters available like AA (for better quality blur) min and max which depending how set can effect the render accordingly.
And yes you can save out a depth map.

I have deleted the Thea save file with all my settings, I still have the SU model. Not sure when i will get around to repeating the scene again, why not do it yourself? the open beta is being released very soon...
Hey Pete

Thanks for think of me again!!!

Mate the second image!!! WOWOOIWOWOW!!! Aussie for - STUNNING MATE!

I'm starting to wonder if Thea actually needs an unbiased option now at all!

@ Tonic - mate I think a lot of plastic looks came from roughness being added to metals in lieu of bump maps, roughness to metals always turns them to a plastic! BTW car paint unless it has an introduced metal fleck or metal coating layer is pretty much a plastic?
Thanks, guys. I must admit that I love the second render as well - it's so yummy that I thought I was laying on floor close to saxophone :shock: Terrifying :roll:
Thanks guys, Richard Thea's biased engine is great and many folk may prefer it based on speed, however I am really liking the unbiased engines also, they are fast and well...unbiased ;)

Here is a render I did with the unbiased engine, rendered exactly 1 hour. as usual there is NO post editing, straight up Thea. I did not like the composition as it cuts off the top.
(reduced size)


  • tr2 1hr.jpg
    tr2 1hr.jpg
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Really great renders Solo, thanks for posting ! Listening you, I really want to see the plugin for sketchup and how it works !!
Another biased render.

Modeled by Jacques Cleghorn (silvershadow) using Sketchup.
Simple setup, I used an image to map the background, same image as a reflection map, grass is made of clipped instances, basic sun for lighting.

Render time 9m 7s, image reduced for posting.
No post processing.


  • Blackhawk 9m7s reduced.jpg
    Blackhawk 9m7s reduced.jpg
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plot-paris said:
yeah, they are really great renders. and quick times too (always have to remind myself, that I've only got Dual Core laptop :? )
Thea works fine on a Dual Core win 32 pc's, ok not as quick as an i7 but you don't lose the will to live waiting! I think you'll ne pleasantly surprised ;)
:D Wow, these are all fantastic. I'm really excited about the render times. I can say that with DOF turned on, Vray would have taken longer on these images (DOF eats render time in Vray), and that's really saying something since Vray is pretty darn fast. I can't wait to get my hands on Thea!

Solo, one question -- The sax -- the unbiased and biased versions have different tonal qualities to them -- did you change the lighting at all -- or does switching from biased to unbiased typically yield this result?

Great work man.