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Big Bird (Biased)

Modeled with Sketchup by Eric Lay

Biased render, total render time 3m 33s, no post work

The smoke is a clipmap, sky is an image for background and reflection, I made sure every surface has reflection or some blurry gloss. I'd say this is damn fast considering materials and traced reflections.


  • 3m33 bsd rv321.png
    3m33 bsd rv321.png
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Wow, terrific! :D :D :D

Yes, Dammmmmmmmmn fast.

Solo, would it be possible for you to humor me and do a version of this with more matte materials so the reflections are more like a typical plastic found on your mouse, keyboard, or computer screen. Maybe 65-85% gloss. The ONLY reason I ask for this is becuase in Vray, high gloss materials like you show in the example above render faster than those that are less reflective. However, in Maxwell the opposite is true. I'm wondering if that's the case here as well. Just curious.

If it's not possible no biggie.

Sub 4mins for this image is amazing. Thanks for all the images you are posting Solo.

I wish I had a copy of Thea at the moment!! I wouldn't have to sit here watching paint dry while my images render!! I feel I am in for a looooooong night. :cry:
Great work Solo - and nice to see a biased render. I have heard that the lighting setup and material setups are the same for biased and unbiased and that it is just a mouse click to change from one to the other.

Is it really this easy or have I misinterpreted what I read (some weeks ago now).

In any case, your work here certainly looks good. :)
very nice render. the time is fantastic (makes me drool over my keyboard).
(of course the model is superb as well - lots of detail. thanks Eric).

Solo, what I would be really interested in is how Thea copes with things like frosted glass. cause in V-ray, Maxwell or any of the others that sort of material takes ages to clear up and (with biased engines) often leaves some weird artefacts.

oh, and thanks for hauling these images out. after so many superb unbiased renders (the classroom is so awesome!), its great to see equally superb biased ones now...
Great render and fun model ! You guys are succeeding to convice my girlfriend to let Vray go away...I tried to do that for two years without any success !!

Solo you're a render farm with you all alone !! Thanks for showing us these previews.

I'm looking forward the open beta !!

That's a funny and nice render :D
That plane has a bomb that is called "Thea Render" and it's going to drop it on every other render engines around :lol: :lol: :lol:
i think he means the small noise on the metal of the nose ... this can be controlled with the material settings for biased rendering ...

Greetings Patrick
That seems really fast to me. Would it be possible to render the same image/settings in KT to show the change in rendering time?
dsarchs said:
Would it be possible to render the same image/settings in KT to show the change in rendering time?
What would the purpose be...?? :?
Going from KT to Thea is easy - but I don't see the value the other way around... :?
Hi Solo,

I was wondering if you've noticed any difference in rendering speeds with high gloss vs. less glossy materials in the biased renderer? The reason I ask, is because in Vray, high gloss materials render much faster than less glossy materials, but in Maxwell the opposite is true. I was curious to know if that is the case with Thea as well.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hoop, I have not had enough time to test this in a side by side comparison, I have however done a high reflection biased and a lower one (see Obelix render)

With these small tests it's pretty hard to get a real answer as I'm guessing the difference will be determined by the time it takes to do the first irradiance pass.

I hope to get a chance to play more with such scenes soon and will make a note if I see any variances.