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Bug Editing a Block in Thea Interactive results in artefacts (ghost blocks)

Flagged as Bug


New member

Process for reproduction :

1) Switch viewport to shaded mode.
2) Create to arbitrary boxes.
3) Make a block containing theses two boxes (Select them & use command "Block").
4) Switch viewport to Thea Renderer.
5) Select the block from 3).
6) Use command "Explode"
7) Make sure the exploded Boxes are (still) selected.
8) Use command "Block" again.
9) Thea will update the render view & an additional "ghost" block (a copy of the real block) at another position will be rendered which is not selectable.
"Wiggling" the view a bit will not help. The ghost block will be renderer permanently.
You have to switch back to another mode (e.g. shaded) & again to Thea Render to get a correct render again.
Btw.: The same problem happens if you use the command "BlockEdit".

Version used: Thea Render: Using version v3.5.175.1972, Rhino 7 SDK, Altair Engineering Inc.
The Thea Renderer is very fast, but if you cannot edit blocks (which I use a lot) in the Thea Renderer interactive view than I cannot use it.
(Other renderers (like Rhino Cycles or other competitors) don't have this problem).

Cheers & Thanks for checking :)


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