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How to make a turntable aniamtion render for jewelry like this ?


New member
Guys, why I'm struggling to find proper Thea tutorials for Rhino? I need to know how to get this light effect and animate it!
Every time I'm trying to learn Thea I get disappointed because of the lack of the learning resources available
Since version v3.5.179.1974, support for Rhino animation tools was introduced. You may have a look at the Animation tab options here:

The following animations were created with the new animation tab:
Here is a quick test with low quality using the diamond scene from the example scenes page. The setup here is pretty simple:
  • Created a Thea material that would be used in the Ground Plane
  • Enabled Rhino ground plane and selected the material above from the list
  • Setup a turntable animation using Rhino animation tools
  • Switched to the Animation tab and adjusted settings
  • An HDRI was also used for lighting and catching reflections (I used the HDRI Studio library from here)