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Question Issue with proxies

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I have a large model, that was created with several proxies. It was rendering fine in sketchup 23, with no issues. After i updated sketchup, and Thea to the current version, I have been having issues with some of the proxies in the group appearing, but not all of them in model "A". I opened a previous version of the model ("B") with the updated sketchup and thea and all the proxies render as expected. I copied that proxie group from model "B" to model "A", rendered model "A", and the proxies still dont show (though some of the proxies in the group show).
All of my tags are on
There is no hidden geometry
I have gone through the outliner and made everything visible.
I have looked through external dependencies, nothing seems to be missing.

It leads me to believe it is an issue or setting in model "A", but I am out of ideas. any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
I ended up copying all of my buildings from model "A" to model "B", everything worked out fine, but I still dont know why several proxies just would not show up.
Have you checked what Thea Browser / Model / External Dependencies tell you about the proxies? Maybe you have to select them and re-map?
I did (noted above) I was missing 1-2, but none of the ones that would not render.
Im sure if I spent alot of time to dig way into it, I would find one simple thing that resolves all the issues. But the job is well into construction, and they needed images asap, So i went the unsatisfying route of just getting results out the door.