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Minimal - Biased


Now I finally got a hold on the Biased engine! :cool:

Please feel free comment!



  • Room 7 - BSD - Final.png
    Room 7 - BSD - Final.png
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Hi DBK, certainly nice minimalist feel to it. Nice render! :)
But IMHO, still a couple of issues with the render you'd want to improve.
First I think it doesn't really AA that well (some jaggy on the glass and lamp), there're still much noise on the cab's top surface, the sofa didn't merge or sit well on floor ( losing much ground shadows), stainless knob doesn't really reflect well (more like grey paint) and probably softer shadows or warmer lights could really improve. ;)
I really like the composition and balance of this image David. I agree that it is a bit noisy in places but none the less it has a really nice feel.
Thanks for the comments!

I actually didn't know where to adjust to get rid of the noise on the cabinets but increasing the minimum AA helps!

I'll try to make a new render with the adjustments!