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Neon cube lamp

Hey guys, playing with a model created by Jeremy (Sketchni) and shared with the SCF community.

Feel free to download and play too here: http://forums.sketchucation.com/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=27339

neon cubes.jpg

Solo, Looks great! Can you share if you used one of the presets and how long you let it cook before determining that it was done?

I'm trying to learn from all of you.
Great lighting Solo, so convincing which brings up this point what is the best way to get the right look of a lamp lit from within where you see evidence of the bulb and have the shade translucent enough to transmit light? All suggestions would be really appreciated.

i used global meduim so tiz why its as dark as it is, I should of had more light, I set it away rendering before I went to bed, it looked like it was going to draw out some of the background but alas it didn't lol
Lotus222 said:
My question is... where do I buy this lamp?? Lol, that would be awesome for my office.

Looks like something that Ikea would love to have in their collection. Heck, I'd like to play with one! Maybe the originator can submit it to Ikea and retire! :lol: