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[Q] Command Line Installation


Does the installer support command line installation options? Specifically for options for sketchup version, data path location, quiet install. I use PDQ Deploy to manage software in my office and it would be nice to get Thea working in there to minimize me having to physically go to my coworkers machines.



Thea Render Team
Unfortunately no. The installer has no quiet option. I am afraid you will have to do installations manually.


For anyone looking into this, the following settings work with PDQ:

Add in install step to the Thea exe, enable options, and change run as to Deploy User (Interactive).
This should execute the installer on the remote machine with privileges and as long as your users can click next a few times it should work.
And then since we can't trust users, run a bat script that overwrites their TheaRenderDataPath.txt file with one that point to the appropriate location.