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[RV1134.1945] Thea for SketchUp 3.0

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Thea Render Team
Dear Friends,

Here is comes long awaited release with following new features and improvements:

  • Support for Intel® Open Image Denoiser – denoise with your CPU
  • Interactive Denoising with both Oidn and OptiX denoisers offers you near real-time experience depending on your hardware and model complexity
  • Nvidia Ampere cards support
  • Adaptive Tracing – you can render caustics in Presto now. This option will not work with Bucket Rendering though
  • Relight Editor – single render infinite lighting options in Presto/TR1/TR2
  • Random Color Texture – perfect for mixing with textures to add color variation
  • Local Proxy Material Editing – edit materials locally directly in SketchUp file. Pick Proxy materials in IR in SketchUp view
  • Improved Refresh for Production Renders – image refresh doesn’t freeze Thea window. It happens in a background now. Computationally Expensive Preview button lets you toggle heavy filters and denoisers while rendering - no need to disable them in rendering settings. A progress of Glare/Denoisers is clearly displayed in %
  • OptiX denoiser takes much less memory now, which allows to apply to resolutions that were not possible in the same conditions before
  • OptiX output quality has been considerably improved for CPU engines
  • Optimized and GPU-Accelerated Glare – it is way faster when there is enough memory on GPU to apply the filter
  • Faster Interactive Scene Updates for large models – most of IR updates are applied immediately, without re-exporting whole model.
  • Live Update – when enabled then IR changes are also applied to the Live model, so it is possible to switch between IR/Production or apply small changes in Production and start a new render without any additional export. This feature will be developed further to offer even better performance and flexibility.
  • Support for Skatter™ v2 including random materials
  • Out-of-core Rendering – save GPU memory by keeping textures/geometry on CPU. Doing so will affect performance, but may be necessary when there Is not enough memory on the GPU
  • Multi-threaded Export – model export has been accelerated. Geometry is processed in parallel
  • HDR Region Render – you can change all display parameters after doing a region render. The tone-mapping will be applied also to the original image
  • Enhanced Channels – all the channels stop at the first object hit now, so it is easy to select glass objects/materials. We also introduced Transparent Material and Object Ids to allow working with objects behind transparent geometry
  • Improved Interactiveness – moving camera is SketchUp window is way smoother now
  • Batch Render is a new tab now and has been redesigned to allow easier settings modifications
  • IR: Devices properties are displayed only when Devices accordion is expanded in Render Settings Tab
  • IR: Samples limit is also applied
  • UI has been improved and many less important features are conveniently enclosed in accordions. Scrollbar and associated issues have been fixed
Known Issues:
  • Mac: SU2017 smoothing is not applied correctly. It is related to SketchUp C SDK issue for 2017. We will find a workaround for it in the nearest update
  • Relight can occasionally freeze when switching lights very fast. We investigate the issue

3.0 Installs next to 2.2.
If the older version is present, 3.0 will start by default, but Thea Switch menu will appear in the Extensions to let you toggle the active version.

Download links available on our downloads webpage and will be available on AltairOne soon.
Looks nice!

The only thing I couldn't find is the updated system compatibility.
I suppose RTX 3000 is supported now?


I was super excited to download your new version - but once it was downloaded it is still TheaForSketchUp_v2.2.1016.1877!!!???
Hope you will add the correct version to your download page soon!!!
A disappointing start for this long awaited release - but still can't wait top try it.

Kind regards,

Tomasz said:
The active lease license gives you full access to 3.0.

If you have old Node-locked .dat license, then you have to purchase the floating lease license.

Thanks, I'll give it a go.
Hello - nice entry :) - crash on the start, and no chance to attach JPG - screenshot on the forum...
Congratulations Tomasz and team! What an exciting day!!!
Having these features in V3 is SUCH an encouragement to folks. You've done a superbe job!
Thanks to all the Beta testers, video editors, web team and others who have worked so hard to get this released today.
Shared in various Facebook groups and the exciting in the Facebook Thea Render group https://www.facebook.com/groups/shadenlightusersgroup is amazing in response.
When does the crash happened?
If there was a crash, then there is Session log in :

Hold on, I have to get the attachments to work first.
It's impossible to back to 2.2 - new plugin is still in sketchup - pls help i need to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
noro said:
It's impossible to back to 2.2 - new plugin is still in sketchup - pls help i need to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is Thea Switch in Extensions. Please use it to switch to 2.2.


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noro said:
Many thanks!!!!!!
I am glad the switch worked.

When you have a little time please share with me the Session log or at least describe when the issue happens.
It could be your good old 780... EDIT: The cards are supported by Presto, but not by the newest Optix 7.2. I really need the logs and please make sure you Nvidia drivers are up-to-date.
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