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The Optima House


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I don't remember if I had created a thread here so I create a new thread for the images I created with Thea so far.
OptimaHouse is a blog focusing on the radiocontrolled 1/10 electric powered buggies scene of the early 80s. It's a hobby of mine :D

Here's a Galaxy (1985), a rollcaged buggy from the manufacturer Tokyo Marui.
Modeling: 95% Sketchup, 5% Blender for the driver figure
Texturing: Sketchup+Photoshop and a bit of Substance Painter for the tires, wing, driver.

Marui Galaxy-heroshot.jpg


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The Bulldog AWDS (1985) was a 4WDS buggy made by Mugen Seiki.
4 Wheel Drive AND 4 Wheel Steering curiosity.
Two air shocks (air damper) front and rear.
Modeling: 95% Fusion360 and 5% Blender (the driver) It was my first modeling done with Fusion instead of Sketchup. Waaaaaaaaaaay faster :D
Texturing: Substance Painter
template  studio mm-axono.jpg