Render Channels

This tab is used when an additional image, other than a standard rendering, is required. This is mostly used when you intend to do postprocessing using an external image editing program.
Available channels are: Color (standard rendering), Normal, Depth, Alpha, Object ID, Material ID. Some channels like Shadow Channel, Raw Diffuse Color, Raw Diffuse Lighting, Raw Diffuse GI, and Self Illumination are only available for Presto engines. Mask passes will only appear when you assign a mask to an object.

You can define mask IDs for each object in the Thea Object tab. After enabling the Mask channel, you will find all the available Mask ID channels in the channels drop-down.

Depth Channel

Min/Max Z (m): Controls the minimum and maximum distance along the camera Z‐Axis.

Depending on the active render engine only the engine specific channels will be displayed.