Content Browser

The Thea Content Browser is an asset management window which allows the user to find and use local and online materials, models and skies. It can also be used as a scene management tool with options to find missing assets from the active scene and create an archive file that contains the Rhino file along with all the external dependencies (textures, models, environment maps).


  • Local Materials: A list of all the local materials that can be found in the 'Thea Data' folder.
  • Substance 3D: Substance 3D materials can be found in this category. You may add your own by adding .sbsar files in the /Thea Data/sbsar folder
  • Online Material Repository: The Online Repository gives you access to thousands of Thea materials from Thea Render's online database. Double-click on any thumbnail to download a copy on your machine and import it in the scene. Downloaded materials have a hard-disk icon at the top-left corner of the preview.
  • Custom Folders: It is also possible to define custom folders with Thea Materials on your hard drive. Right click on the Custom Folder title and select 'Add'. This will prompt you to select the folder in which you have your Thea Materials collection. To remove a custom folder, right click on its name and select Delete.


To add a material to the scene, you can do one of the following:

  • Double-click on a thumbnail to add it to the material panel
  • Drag and drop a material to the material panel


The Models tab gives access to all the local Thea Models of the Thea Data folder at the left side of the window. If you want to add your own folders with Thea Models, right click on the 'Custom Folders' text and then Add.

Display as:

  • Bounding Box: Imports the selected Thea Proxy as a bounding box.
  • Original Mesh: Imports the selected Thea Proxy using the original mesh of the model.
  • Reduced Mesh: Imports the selected Thea Proxy using the orginal mesh but with a reduced number of polygons based on the percentage value. Higher values will generate proxies with less polygon count.
  • Create Bounding Box: Tick this option to generate a bounding box for the Original Mesh and Reduced Mesh options.

Import as:

  • Proxy: Use this option to import the Thea Proxy based on the options above (Bounding Box, Original and Reduced Mesh)
  • Full Model: This option will import the original mesh of the model but will also import the associated materials for further editing of the Thea model.

Content Browser - Models


The resources tab is an asset manager that lists all the textures and models of the current scene.
Right click on an entry to either replace or reload it.

  1. Refresh: Click on the refresh button to get the latest changes of the current scene.
  2. Archive: Create an archive of the current scene in .zip format that can be used for backup or collaboration. The .zip file contains a copy of the Rhino scene along with all the assets.
  3. Import: Use this option to load textures and models currently missing from the scene by selecting a folder.