Install - uninstall


Download and execute the Thea for SketchUp installer from:
Thea Render website or Altair One Marketplace

MS Windows
The installer will detect any installed SketchUp version and will display the ones supported by the plugin.
When asked to set the path to the 'Thea Data' folder, you need to make sure that the path has full read / write access. If the path does not have proper permissions, the plugin will not work properly.

What is the THEA DATA folder:
The "Thea Data" folder is where the plugin look for assets such as materials, models and other files such as LUTs and assets from the online repository.


First of all, make sure that SketchUp has been executed at least once before running the installer; otherwise it won't appear in the list. The installer will guide you through the necessary steps. It automatically recognizes previously installed SketchUp versions and offers the corresponding plug‐in installation.

Where is the THEA DATA folder located?
Thea Data is written to: Home/Library/Application Support/Thea Render



Deleting the Thea Data folder

Write down the path to the Thea Data folder before removing Thea for SketchUp. The Thea Data folder contains all of your materials, models and custom LUTs. Make sure to make a backup of the folder before deleting it.

To uninstall Thea for SketchUp:

  • Open the 'Extension Manager'
  • Click on Manage
  • Find 'Thea for SketchUp' and click on Uninstall