Thea for SketchUp supports the following animation types:

Animation is exported as an image sequence. There are several applications that allow you to convert an image sequence to a video such as: DaVinci Resolve by Blackmagic, Premiere Pro by Adobe, Kdenlive, etc

The animation tab controls the following parameters:

  • Animate camera: specifies whether camera movement will be recorded
  • Animate objects: specifies whether object movement will be recorded
    An animation plugin is required to animate objects in SketchUp
  • Frames per second (fps): How many animation frames will be played per second. Standard values are 24 or 25 fps
  • Plug‐in: Generic, SketchyPhysics, MSPhysics, Fredo's Animator. The supported plugins will be displayed as an option only if they are installed
    Generic is the default option and renders the scene animation. You can control the scene animation options in 'Window > Model Info > Animation'
  • Render frames: All, selected. Specifies whether Thea should render all specified frames in a field below
    You can enter single frame values or frame ranges, separated by commas (e.g., 15,30‐45,60).

When you click the 'Render Animation' button, you will be asked to select a folder and specify a file name. Frame numbers will be appended automatically to the file name (Animation000.png, Animation001.png, etc.)

Please note that for the time being, Thea for SketchUp doesn't animate standard lights. 'Fredo's Animator' can animate standard lights, if you start rendering the animation from the 'Animator' user interface instead of Thea.

Animation settings