Interactive rendering

This mode allows you to start interactive rendering either in the SketchUp view or in the Thea rendering window. You are able to move the camera around the model, adjust shadows and materials, modify the model and see the rendering being updated. Here is how to start interactive rendering:

Interactive rendering in the Thea rendering window
To render interactively in the Thea rendering window, select "Rendering Windows" from the display modes drop-down. You may switch between the available modes even while rendering.


When rendering interactively, you may use the drop-down list to switch between the available options.

  • Rendering window: Renders interactively in the Thea rendering window
  • SketchUp View Renders interactively in the viewport
  • SketchUp View: With edges: Renders interactively in the viewport with the edges displayed on top of the rendered image
  • SketchUp View: Blended: This display mode works best with dark backgrounds and bright edges

Display modes in interactive rendering

SketchUp View SketchUp View: With edges SketchUp View: Blended

The rendering can be saved as an image, both in standard and overlay modes.

In the case where you want to render interactively and use the SketchUp modeling tools at the same time, it is advised to disable the cpu from the devices panel.


Shortcut: SHIFT + Left click & drag
While rendering interactively, hold down the SHIFT key while dragging with the left mouse button to draw the render region. You can also save an active region by clicking on the save button.

Region Render in the SketchUp View