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New Showreel (image and video requirements)

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:18 am
by patricks
Dear friends,

we are preparing a new Thea showreel and would like everybody to post their best Thea renders or animations in this new forum section.

to participate, please post your images in the same topic and don't create new topics for every image or animation. so everyone has his own topic where he can show his creations.

the following are some requirements for posted images/animations.

1. the minimum resolution for still images should be at least HD (1280x720) and for animation 800x600 (if possible HD will be better).

2. the images should be as noise free as possible

3. add your name that should be used for final credits

4. in case of animations we will need the original uncompressed images/video (a link to the files can be send by e mail)

5. all images/animations that are posted in this forum section can be used by solid iris for the next Thea showreel without further need of permissions by the author of the image/animation.

we would like to see "new" images from everybody ... but if you have made a good render in the past you can also post them here.

Greetings Patrick