Presto GPU SSS/Volumetrics Support

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Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:04 pm

I think people are talking about apples and oranges here...

Like said mesh like features particles, hair, volumetrics as density fields/voxels et all are not supported at the moment.
Material features medium/sss/global medium (useful in mainly certain conditions) are supported by engines TR1/TR2 and so... also Presto supports it. Also medium/sss supports usage of procedurals ("3D textures"), but Presto have no procedural texture support, so they cannot be used with it (but like said Presto itself supports medium/sss so it's a matter of time than we can use those). It's true that there are some limits, but one can get rather nice results if scene is set correctly.


Anyhow here is a more recent topics about dust/fog ... 3&start=10 (you can find some usable settings there too, just remember to set both absorption/scattering and use correct phase function).
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Tue Feb 04, 2014 11:59 am

jwiede wrote:Ah, never mind, you were referring to "volumetric scattering" (e.g. translucency), as opposed to volumetrics in the sense of volumetric lights or fog/particle fields.

Still, I'll ask anyway: Volumetrics are very important to my needs, is there any plan for volumetric support akin to that in Maxwell or Vray in the near future for Presto or TR1/TR2? In particular, I find volumetric lights (with 3D texturing) and environmental fields (think fog, also with 3D texturing) are essential to realistic rendering in numerous situations.

Any info appreciated, thanks!
Yeah....what he said. :D I currently have a license of finalRender 3.5 (Cebas) and VRay 2 for 3ds Max. Thea w/ Presto gives me what I don't currently have with either of those...Mainly a GPU production render, and the SSS support was one big selling point for me.

However, I was hoping there would be broader support of Volumetric effects least Fog and Volume lighting. Those two are essential, imho. FinalRender's IPR does fully support interactive updates of Volumetric shading engines...including it's own, well as Afterburn and even FumeFX. The problem is, it has been very crash prone, and Cebas hasn't really done anything to address it.

They have a GPU/CPU hybrid underdevelopment, but that has been going on for a few years now. Vray's RT module doesn't support SSS, Procedural textures or any kind of Volumetrics. Although V3 has progressive rendering which somewhat addresses this limitation, but it's not as Interactive as an Activeshade IPR would be and there is no mention of a GPU production render mode on the roadmap.

So, support of Volumetric Effects within the plugin environments would be HUGE...cause very few offer it in this industry. If you offer support of FumeFX (+ Afterburn and Pyrocluster), in 3ds Max, for example, you stand to capture the attention of folks in the VFX market.