Colored Coating Absorption

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Hey i noticed that effect on the coating layer as well. I dont understand that material yet. If you put a color in absorption the color becomes dominant over everything below... this sounds like what your explaining
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It really depends on the thickness. Less thickness means less absorption and less importance for the absorption color.

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giannis wrote:If I am not mistaken, the dominant color on the car comes from the absorption itself; it is not the color of diffusion or reflectance. I will check with Patrick, whether he can quickly make a render without the absorption but my expectation is that you will see a more "flat" gray coloring of the car.
This makes more sense now. Maybe then a side by side comparison with an image that has the absoption off and instead the color used in the absoption copied to the diffuse color?

This way we get one car with the color the old way, using diffuse color, and the same color coming from the new absorption, like it happens in real life.

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