Final renders, ready to show off.
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Hi All,

I hope all of you are doing well.

A close friends of my, shared their blueprints of country house, they were planning to build. I mess around and change the roof line and some other stuff, because … I don’t know why…and was happy to have something to fool around. I was playing with HitFilm since Adobe Premiere is a little too pricy to fulfill free time and hobby.

Hope you will have as much fun spending 1.12 min with my final result as I had working on it. I doubt any of this will ever be used professionally but I will greatly appreciate your criticism.

And since this is my first post here I would like to THANK the whole Thea Render"s society, that is mostly gone by now, that I had have really good time reading your posts and hearing your thoughts in the forum how something could be done better even when it looks good already. Thea Render is as good as now because of you.

Thank You
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welcome here :wave:

Nice work you've posted.

my 2 cents:

- lack of work on materials, a bit too clean materials and lack of details for example on the facade materials, it looks a bit like a plain color from a far. too much saturation on the flowers for example,...
- some details need better care: some paths for example are stopped in the middle of the grass and don't lead anywhere
- do you use filmic tonemapping? I feel like the highlights are a bit too saturated and it would help with realism if you use filmic if you don't use it yet

Thanks for posting and I hope to see more of your work soon! :thumbup:
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