Video Tutorial: Micro Roughness

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One of the recent features, introduced with Thea Render 1.3 version is Micro Roughness, a phenomenon that increases the apparent reflection sharpness, as the viewing angle goes from normal to shallow.
This video tutorial presents micro roughness phenomenon examples along with analytical details of its settings in Thea Render Studio.[/youtube]
Video created and narrated by Patrick Nieborg.
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Great job :clap:

To be honest I hadn't really taken the time to familiarise myself with micro roughness, but after watching the video I can really appreciate what a powerful tool it can be when improving the realism in my renders.

Thanks :thumbup:
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That was great, I now get it! not that i ever considered micro roughness before, at least now I understand what it is.
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how did you do that just the one wall is changing and everything left stays rendered?
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More Video Tutorials Please. honestly, it's hard for beginners that have not other 3d experience to learn any 3d render or modelling programs. for beginners like me, I prefer video tutorials and I wish thea render have more video tutorials. I think if you put more video tutorials on youtube, it will attract more people to consider Thea as their rendering choice. if Thea is this good, why not make it more popular and more accesible.

my suggestion for future video tutorials:
who make them?
answer: our expert members are able to make them! Thea should pay our expert members to make some video tutorials, if our Thea team is too busy developing next releases. the video tutorials can have a price so that people can pay to watch them. I am 100% fine with it. many 3d rendering programs have paid tutorials, why not Thea?

what kinds of video tutorials should we make?
1. videos on setting that can make thea render faster with less noise and great result.
2. video on creating/ setting up complicated materials. materials that beginners won't even think of making.
3. videos on explaining functions like field mapping setting, final gathering settings, and different setting that produce different results. and how logical they really are. we beginners can spend time play around with those settings, but we can speed up the process by learning it from a reliable source with correct explanations. i know 3d rendering concept is pretty hard. it's better to illustrate a concept using images then words. and if presented the right way, it can be understood more easily.
4. project based video tutorials. it can be anything, interior, outdoor, product viz, literally anything from beginning to the end. again, at lease I will pay for the video tutorials. it doesn't have to be free.

well, I am just shameless asking for video tutorials. :D :D :silent: hope you all don't mind.
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Keep those coming! A great way to learn more about all the feature and capability of Thea.
And this new presenter is doing a great job explaining all the aspect of the feature and how it impact the render!
Can't wait for the next one.

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Wow! this was very informative, I learned a lot while watching this tut!

Great job, it's really a high quality tutorial :thumbup:

Can't wait for the next one!
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This is what I call a video tutorial, great explanation, great speed... good job :thumbup:
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Very good tutorial Patrick. Thank you.
A good complement to the manual. :thumbup:
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Exceptional Patrick! Great Work
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