Thea Render Revision 425

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Dear friends

this is another maintenance update, mostly to fix some bugs that appear with previous revision. This update solves a problem that appeared on Linux and Mac platforms for new licensed users where an activated license was still running in demo mode. Additionally, some registry settings for these platforms are correctly written now upon installation (thus removing the errors seen on Blender plugin).

There are two nice improvements with this revision as well. First the interactive render is now much faster when tweaking image-based lighting settings (IBL panel). The memory demands when using a very high resolution illumination image are normal now as well.

The second improvement is related to scene/library packing. There were 2 bugs that could make packing fail. One had to do with filenames having unicode characters. The other had to do with filenames (bitmaps) that had the same name but existed in different locations. Both cases are fixed now with RV425, which may also have a good effect on network rendering of scenes that failed before (since packing is essential to net rendering).

As always, you can find the download links in the following thread: ... =61&t=1849

best wishes
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