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Frankych wrote:
patricks wrote: try turning supersamapling to "None" when rendering with TR1 and such a resolution
Greetings Patrick
Hi Patrick,
you've made my day ;-)
Effectively, turning supersampling to none allows the render to happen @3600x2400. And what's even better, I can also activate the alpha channel. Brilliant.

there's also a trick to run a stripped version of thea, you dont have a viewport etc etc and just hit render. I know how to this on a mac, but cant seem to find it on a PC
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giannis wrote: Yes... that was something broken when we re-calibrated sun-sky system and exposure. Problem is fixed now in internal build.

best wishes
giannis, thanks for the reply ;)
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Hello Giannis! I wonder when are you going to get 64 bit version for Mac OS X?
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gargon wrote:Hello Giannis! I wonder when are you going to get 64 bit version for Mac OS X?
This stays as a goal for v1.1. It means that a first version will be available soon for testing.

best wishes
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