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Thea Developer
Thea Developer
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Dear friends,

it has been a while since our last revision post! We are sure that you all know now that we took the summer to enhance Thea as much as possible. And now, we are coming out with our next edition v1.1, another great milestone accomplished! :D

The new revision has two very important additions, as you have already seen from our tech preview announcements! That is, the speed up factor close to x2 which makes Thea faster than ever (tech announcement here) and the very important integration with Colimo (tech announcement here).

But it is not only the additions above. There are some cool features in Thea that improve the workflow a lot. Like the History panel, which based on the feedback so far, it is of those features that once you have used it, you simply cannot go back! And of course, there are a lot of other additions and UI fixes. You can check the detailed list of changes in the usual thread.

So, how do you start with the new revision? Too many changes? No problem! We have prepared two very nice tutorials introducing the changes made in v1.1 as well as explaining (with various hints) the integration of Thea/Colimo.

Tutorial on the changes introduced in Thea v1.1:
Watch on YouTube

Tutorial on the integration of Thea/Colimo:
Watch on YouTube

To download newest Thea v1.1 you can check the download links from the following (licensed user club) thread*: ... 111&t=6251

I hope that you will enjoy the new revision as much we enjoyed creating it! The warm spirit of this community and
the people contributing makes the process both challenge and fun! Next step for us is to have a few rounds of quick
fixes before planning our next (big) steps.

best wishes

* Please note that the above thread is only available for our licensed users! Non licensed users will have
to wait for a few days until there is a global announcement and download links are available from our website.
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Licensed User v1.5
Licensed User v1.5
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Licensed User v1.5
Licensed User v1.5
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Downloaded.... :D :D :D
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Licensed User v1.5
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Licensed User v1.5
Licensed User v1.5
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I will celebrate the release with some Ouzo tonight.
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Licensed User v1.5
Licensed User v1.5
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I have some renders to do urgently for tomorrow morning !! Excellent !! :thumbup:
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Licensed User v1.5
Licensed User v1.5
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oooooooooooo ... Downloaded.. :clap:
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Licensed User v1.5
Licensed User v1.5
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It just can't get any better new Thea revision and new computer delivered at the same day :crazy:

I just saw the tutorial movie explaining the new features and these are all fantastic!! (great tutorial also) :thumbup:

Great job Thea team! :clap:
Erwin van Strien
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Licensed User v1.5
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Amazing! Thank you to all the people who worked on this!
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I know what I'm going to do this afternoon :D very impatient and curious to see the great new features added. Thanks Thea team :)

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