Thea Render Revision 576

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Thea Developer
Thea Developer
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Although it's not that difficult to add in IR, it's not supported right now. But absorption is still evaluated.

best wishes
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john keates
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Licensed User v1.5
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Thanks! Network rendering seems much more solid now.
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giannis how does that history setting work? i dont really get that info which is added. seems like the calculation is wrong or i dont get it. It seem like the s/p are a calculation of time diveded by 2 multplied by the passes
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Licensed User v1.5
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Upgraded to RV576 Mac and Window 64.
No problem to report all good.

Thanks Giannis and Team
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Licensed User v1.5
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I have been out of the Thea and 3D loop for quite a while now due to other things occupying my time (photography) and now when i downloaded the latest version to play around with it feels pretty sweet to see so much work that has been done to it, major bugs being squashed beyond recognition, new powerful features added and the overall feeling of it is very good!. :)

Keep up the good work guys!

/ Magnus

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