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Changes Log - Current version

Posted: Fri Oct 10, 2014 2:41 pm
by Tomasz
Changes Log

  • Thea for SketchUp v1.5.09.547.1462 (18th Jan 2018)
    • Fixed: Camera settings stored within a Scene are displayed correctly when using Scene tabs

    Thea for SketchUp v1.5.09.546.1462 (15th Nov 2017)
    • New: SketchUp 2018 Ready
    • Fixed: Interactive Render resolution doesn't change when opening TheaTool for the first time.

    Thea for SketchUp v1.5.09.543.1462 (8th May 2017)
    • Fixed: Regression bug fix related to loading settings from SketchUp scenes

    Thea for SketchUp v1.5.09.542.1462 (21st April 2017)
    • Improved: Fog levels accept negative values too
    • Improved: Safer sending of "Finished" callback when Thea called to render from Ruby. Works better with Fredo's animation and other custom plugins.

    Thea for SketchUp v1.5.09.540.1462 (19th April 2017)
    • Fixed: Interactive Overlay crash in Win 10 Creators Edition
    • Fixed: Regression bug when saving IR render resulting in restarting the IR and producing low quality image.

    Thea for SketchUp v1.5.09.539.1462 (11th April 2017)

    New features:
    • Plugin User Interface & User Manual translated to: German,Spanish,French,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Portuguese (Brazilian),Chinese(Simplified)
    • Global Medium added in the Environment tab
    • Fog Preset added in Global Medium settings. One can control fog density, base and top level specified in meters.
    • Cloud material pre-set for volumetric effects defined by a solid group/component.
    • Presto MC engine uses an older version of sampling, that lets image clear faster.
    • TheaBrowser saves whole model with dependencies into a zip file with all bitmap textures associated with external models
    • IR is being paused when saving an image
    • Mask, Visibility and Shadow Casting flags can be set for multiple selected objects now
    • Removed additional camera shift added to compensate SketchUp bug. Rendering will match SketchUp view now.
    • Extended tracing SSS Depth can be modified in PrestoMC settings now
    • When Thea looks first for an external model it checks a proxy component path, where the component was loaded from first. This allows loading proxies manually from SketchUp component browser, through File/Import or Ruby command.
    • Camera container added
    • Batch Render gives an option to stop active rendering before proceeding with the batch
    • Mouse wheel works for all scrolled UI panels. It is an alternative for using the scrollbars.
    Bug fixes:
    • Sun/Camera animation issues when Thea settings saved in animations Scenes
    • TheaTool picks material/lights also behind an active section plane now
    • Batch Render and Skatter layer functionality work well together now. All Skatter groups are updated correctly.
    • Thea image is being updated only when display value is modified. Previously it was refreshing when leaving text window.
    • Texture coordinates were set very small when the very first instance of a component was painted with default material
    • When light parameters were edited in IR the light and other edited in the same session were changing orientation
    • Histogram is never displayed blank, neither stays visible when mouse leaves it when not pinned down
    • Changes to materials with Unicode names are saved after being edited in Mat-Lab. Previously changes were lost
    • Paused rendering was resuming after an image/model save
    • Shutter speed (Motion Blur) control wasn't changing the value
    • SU8 Focus tool works well back again.
    • Material name conflicts in external models resolved. They were causing wrong materials assignment in network renders and exported Thea models.
    • Ground button state is showing correct status when a new model opened
    • IR - Sections stay active when a model is modified
    • IR Overlay - 1px vertical misalignment removed
    • IR resolution was changing when opening fresh TheaTool window while rendering
    • IR resolution was applied to darkroom rendering when model have had no camera settings modified, IR run first and a camera parameter was modified. It doesn't happen anymore
    • DOF percentage text box works now
    • Crash that could happen when exporting a model, especially in BatchRender when proxy path couldn't be read correctly from SketchUp model
    • Crash when saving 16/32bit PSD image rendered with Presto AO without AO enabled and AO channel present
    • FrontFace material was rendering black in a specific, very simple models
    • PNG texture with a transparency was not rendered clipped when the file extension was in capital letters

    Thea for SketchUp v1.5.08.488.1455 (8th December 2016)
    • New: Histogram control (pinning and displaying on demand) added. To see in Darkroom Window above stop button. TO pin the histogram, just left-click it.
    • New: Nvidia GTX 10.. series built-in support
    • Improved: Laubwerk Support - Thea do not wait for the plugin when updating geometry in Interactive Rendering (IR)
    • [Win] Improved: Installer will warn you that SketchUp is running and ask for closing it

    Thea for SketchUp v1.5.07.480.1447 (11th November 2016)
    • New: SketchUp 2017 fully supported
    • New: Photohop CC PSD 16 & 32bit(HDR) layered image export added
    • Improved: PSD save option added for Batch Render
    • Improved: IR Overlay on Mac - flickering when orbiting/panning removed
    • [Mac] Fixed: Thea Browser creating two materials instead of one when double clicking a transparent material

    Thea for SketchUp v1.5.07.449.1447 (9th August 2016)
    • New: Layered Photoshop(*.PSD) image save option added for Batch Render
    • Fixed: Crash when rendering interactively in SketchUp window in Win10 1607

    Thea for SketchUp v1.5.07.448.1447 (29th July 2016)
    • New: Layered Photoshop(*.PSD) image save option
    • New: Scenes settings in Camera Tab - green dots indicate that a selected scene stores certain settings. Clicking a dot allows removing settings from a scene.
    • Fixed: Emitter's Visibility/Shadow Casting is working back again.
    • Fixed: Bug reported by Valerostudio - PrestoGPU freezing - fixed in TheaSDK #2866
    • Fixed: Pure Servers works well with channels - fixed in TheaSDK
    • Thea for SketchUp v1.5.07.444.1442 (22nd June 2016)
      • General:
      • New: Visibility/Shadow Casting can be controlled per group/component/image with right-click menu
      • Improved: Mask is inherited down a model hierarchy when not set for children
      • Improved: Added 10 more Mask indexes for channels rendering (15 in total).
      • Fixed: Conflict with a geometry/materials coming from an external model. It was resulting in over-sized components or surprising geometry coming up from nowhere. It may also result in modified materials when an external model was loaded as first when exporting a model #2666
      • Fixed: Long parsing of a model with proxies (TheaSDK fix) #2713
      • Improved: Batch render remembers last file type selection in a current session
      • Fixed: Darkroom region render image is displayed correctly when a rendering stops. Regression bug.
      • Fixed: Channels check-boxes are show correctly for each rendering mode. Regression bug.
      • Fixed: Crash when editing parameters of non-existing (deleted and purged) light
      • Fixed: Default AdaptiveBSD presets do not influence Presto engine settings anymore. All unrelated settings removed from the presets.
      • Fixed: Issue with a rendering image not being refreshed correctly when rendering stops very quickly(bucket missing, region render not refreshed)
      • [Mac] Fixed: All channels were saved instead of a single image when no output image type was changed in a save dialog.
      • [Mac] Fixed: crash in SU2013 and 2014 after stopping a darkroom render (regression bug)

      • New: Support for Fredo's Animator plugin added
      • New: MSPhysics 0.70+ [Win only] is supported now (requires ams_lib 3.2.2+)
      • New: Animation - added network cooperation type selection
      • Fixed: FaceMe components had their scale reset when rendering an animation. Scale FaceMe components uniformly along x,y,z axis. This way they will behave correctly.
      • New: Ability to specify particular frames for animation rendering

      • New: Pure Server option added in Network tab. You can offload a rendering to your node(s) and continue you work on the server.
      • Improved: Server Port can be specified in Preferences
      • Improved: Default file name, when saving animation, doesn't contain active scene name.

      • Fixed: IES light is being updated in IR when loading a new IES profile
      • Fixed: Projector light didn't load bitmaps from a path with Unicode characters
      • Improved: Lights store distance specified when creating them

      • Fixed: IBL path wasn't cleared correctly when IBL was disabled
      • Fixed: Sun was not loaded correctly from .sky.thea using TheaBrowser
      • Fixed: Sun shadows didn't match when a sky.thea was loaded with a rotated Sky/global frame.
      • Fixed: Environment preview was not updated when picking Manual Sun position or changing its values

      • Fixed: Discrepancy between camera shift in exported SketchUp image and a rendering at the same resolution. It was the bigger the larger a difference was between current SketchUp view aspect ratio and rendered/exported image aspect.
      • Improved: Camera aspect ratio set to SU Window, will give exactly same size as SketchUp/Export 2D dialog options

      • Added a folder with license(s)
      • Improved: Thea windows may hide they top bar when one of additional displays disconnected. They should restore their visibility when SketchUp restarted.
      Thea for SketchUp v1.5.06.423.1434 (5th April 2016)
      • New: Projector light added
      • New: A new way of editing light is added - double-click on a light to edit it position, target, Spotlight's hot-spot and falloff interactively.
        The tool will get improved further, but I think it is so useful as it is right now, I didn't want to delay it further.
      • Improved: TheaBrowser - stores internal layout - column sizes and active selection in the folders tree
      • Improved: TheaBrowser - External dependencies can be sorted by columns now
      • Improved: All Thea settings are automatically loaded from a Scene when Scene transition is finished. Load button has been removed.
      • Improved: Switching from IR Overlay to Thea window is much faster now
      • Fixed: Presto bug that was showing weird "gaps" in a smoothed geometry in extreme close-ups (by Stinkie).#1225
      • Fixed: SketchUp Overlay image is saved fully when the resolution reduction is active
      • Fixed: In rare situations part of models may not be displayed by SketchUp when Thea tool was opened prior to opening a file. It doesn't happen any more.
      • [Mac] Fixed: When a texture size was lower then 1.0m, then a model TextureSizeX & TextureSizeY were set to 1.0 instead of proper value. It was resulting in wrong texture scaling.
      • Fixed: Clearing IBL path doesn't disable Sky any more #2505
      • Fixed: IBL scrollbar was not showing right when modifying IBL type when content was scrolled
      • Thea for SketchUp v1.5.05.415.1428 (26th February 2016)
        • New: Pure colour selection for IBL
        • New: 'Display rule of thirds' added in camera settings
        • New: SketchyPhysics support for object and camera movement. Support for MSPhysics is planned.
        • New: 64bit : Colimo Relight and Repaint added as parameters for TR1/2.
        • Improved: Better visibility of informations displayed on a rendering in darkroom
        • Improved: Current IR resolution is being displayed now
        • Improved: Presto information shows also free memory
        • Improved: Scrollbars added for Display,Channels,Sky,IBL and Presto Devices.
        • Improved : Win installation for SketchUp 32bit works well now on 64bit system
        • Improved: Shutter Speed (Motion Blur) has option of two decimal places
        • Fixed: Whole model update on first SU material modification with a preset/Mat-Lab doesn't happen any more
        • Fixed: Batch Render - Pause button is visible
        • Fixed: All instances of external model were changing their positions when SU was in edit mode. Fix for SU7+ #1768
        • Fixed: Discrepancies between 2p perspective and a rendering removed #2338
        • Fixed: plugn saves also default Camera/Environment/Display/Render settings correctly into a scene now
        • Improved: [Mac] SU2015+ Thea settings get updated in UI when switching between different SketchUp models
        • New: IR Overlay resolution reduction added in Preferences - especially useful for 4K+ monitors

        Thea for SketchUp v1.5.04.356.1413 (21st November 2015)
        • New: SketchUp 2016 support
        • Improved: Significantly improved Animation export speed when it has more then 300 frames
        • Improved: [Win] Double-click TheaTool top bar to collapse the whole window
        • Fixed: BatchRender - single check-box can be clicked now without selecting a proper row #2049
        • Fixed: Wrong mapping of a texture in copies of a component using a material with Cubic mapping #2139

        Thea for SketchUp v1.5.03.326.1387 (11th September 2015)
        • Fixed: Network rendering works with AdaptiveBSD presets. Previously 'Server' setting was overridden by a preset. #1876
        • Fixed: Starting a region render wasn't updating a model. It was a regression bug.
        • Improved: Welding preserves smoothing as it is set in SketchUp
        • Improved: Default resolution changed to 1280x720
        • Improved: TheaTool width can be reduced, when stretched due to long scene/material names in a model
        • Improved: Darkroom can be minimized just to a horizontal control bar when IR target is set to SU.
        • [Mac] Fixed: Texture selector layout is correct when selected Colour on Mac
        • [Mac] Fixed: TheaTool doesn't stay on top of Mat-Lab
        • [Mac] Improved: BatchRender is handling 'no active model' case properly. It displays a message in a log and stops the Batch process.
        • [Mac] Improved: A message is being displayed now, when there is no active model present and settings are being modified
        Thea for SketchUp v1.5.02.310.1371 (31st July 2015)
        • Improved: External model creation dialog initially points to 'TheaData/Models' folder and remembers last selection in the same session
        • Improved: BatchRender - setting multiple check-boxes with multi-row selection is possible now
        • Fixed: SDK: Multi-layered EXR can be saved correctly now
        • Fixed: EXR: 'Multi-layered' and 'Force RGB' settings are stored correctly now
        • Fixed: Regression bug in SU2014 and earlier with 2p perspective not being set correctly
        • Fixed: Crash when converting to SKM and material has no preview
        • Fixed: Ground is disabled by default in old SU models
        • Improved: Cloth & leather SKM materials got UV mapping scale reset to 1.0
        • Improved: Default UV mapping size increased when no texture in SketchUp material & textured Thea mat
        Thea for SketchUp v1.5.01.306.1355 (21st July 2015)
        • New: Ground Plane with Shadow Catcher
        • New: Region render in Thea Window in Darkroom Mode
        • New: Section Cuts are supported in SketchUp 2014 and 2015
        • New: External models and proxy creation from SketchUp component with a right click
        • New: Thea Browser - Proxy creation from existing .mod.thea models with a right click
          The proxy creation has two options available - triangles or point cloud.
        • New: Saving mat.thea and mat.pack from Materials tab in TheaTool added.
        • Improved: Vertex Welding can be disabled now in Preferences
        • Improved: EXR can contain all rendered channels using a depth specified in Preferences
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (15th June 2015)
        • New: A new Interactive Overlay mode 'Multiply with SketchUp' added. It is especially useful when hidden lines SketchUp display mode used with white background and black lines.
        • Improved: Manual Sun uses SketchUp shadow settings when "SU Position" option enabled
        • Improved: Environment Preview allows rotation of IBL when no IR running also when Manual Sun & SU position enabled
        • Improved: Saving IR Overlay saves just rendered area not entire SketchUp view
        • Improved: [Mac] TheaTool doesn't stay on top other windows, when all SketchUp documents are minimized
        • Improved: [Mac] EnvironmentPreview stays on top Thea window
        • Fixed: Interactive Render Overlay instability introduced in RV279
        • Fixed: Presets were resetting to default when value changed for a first time (by valerostudio)#1681
        • Fixed: Cubic mapping is no longer scaled in SketchUp material with no Texture (by ORVArquitectura)
        • Fixed: Update of IR model doesn't cause external models to render black due to missing materials (by valerostudio)
        • Fixed: Regression bug introduced in RV279 with scaled Cubic mapping
        • Fixed: When switching from 'Interactive' to 'Server' bucket render option is shown correctly in the UI
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (27th May 2015)
        • New: Simple Sun animation is possible now. It is based on the first and the last shadow info found in scenes present in an animation
        • Improved: Faces using materials with displacement don't have to be smoothed in SU any more. Thea4SU welds them and smooths, so the mesh is ready for displacement.
        • Improved: Vertices are welded now - wire-frame procedural (no Presto support yet) has no issues with smoothed surfaces
        • Improved: Saving SU Image is more intuitive now. Resolution specified in TheaTool is being used when no IR running
        • Improved: Proxies of external models are recognized by a Ruby attribute only, so you can rename those if needed. ".mod.thea" in a component name is no longer required
        • Improved: IR updates a rendered model when SU texture size is modified
        • Fixed: Regression bug was causing Presto CPU freeze due to to wrongly formatted texture coordinates in 3DWH model. It was leading to "stopping render" issues or IR freezing
        • Fixed: Incorrect shading/light leaks in PrestoAO/MC (by JQL)
        • Fixed: Texture size of components with faces painted with default materials is correct now, no matter how many materials are used to paint those components
        • Fixed: Regular camera could store animation path, which could lead to unexpected rendering results like blurring, camera rotation
        • Fixed: IR resolution doesn't change to default when TheaTool opened first time
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (30th April 2015)
        • Improved: Faster IR refresh when editing materials through presets
        • Improved: Darkroom rendering is paused when asking "Stop rendering?"- gives better responsiveness
        • Fixed: Saving to img.thea was not possible when channels were rendered in RV259 (by Pappleby)
        • Fixed: BatchRender - smoothing of ungrouped geometry is rendered correctly now. Previously it was rendered flat.
        • Fixed: Thea Browser was showing some component previews clipped. They are being displayed in full now.
        • Fixed: Bump map was being lost when editing a preset when IR was running
        • Fixed: IES lights with symmetry are handled correctly now (#1501 by liveonce1)
        • Fixed: Crash on re-rendering model after disabling previously rendered channels
        • Fixed: Unicode characters in IBL patch were displayed wrong
        • Fixed: When inserting mod.skp with unicode characters in a name, an empty component was added. Everything works now, even with unicode characters
        • Fixed: Mac: SketchUp was waiting for Thea Studio to close after exporting from TheaTool. SU isn't blocked now.
        • New: support for the most recent Skatter alpha version added
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (6th March 2015)
        • New: Saving all channels in Rendering Window and Batch Render. The output file type assignment can be viewed/modified in TheaTool/Tools/Preferences.
        • Improvement: IR doesn't drop mesh smoothing, even when a surface is not grouped/in a component
        • Improvement: When saving non-IR image, the default name is set to active model-scene name from a moment a rendering started (JQL)
        • Improvement: Output name can be modified in Batch Render (JQL)
        • Improvement: various fixes to TheaTool layout, size and positioning, vertical scrollbar introduced for Camera settings
        • [Mac] Improvement: All windows store their position when closing regardless if there is active_model or not
        • Fix: Active render Channels appear on the list even in <2s render
        • Improvement: BuildEdge plugin is blocking Thea4SU when SketchUp closes. I have found a workaround, so SketchUp doesn't finish in a bug-splat.
        • A lot of stability/fixes from TheaSDK 1261
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (17th Feb 2015)
        • New: Presto: Extended Tracing added
        • New: Presto devices controlled directly in the rendering settings
        • New: Opening Thea Studio after a scene export from TheaTool
        • Thea SDK Fix: IR crash on Mac #1427 - it improves also overall IR stability on all platforms. (Karine)
        • Fix: Uniform scaling bug fixed (jiminy-billy-bob)
        • Fix: Animation export is working back again
        • Fix: IR in SketchUp view with edges can be saved back again
        • Improved: Clay render made for all modes
        • Improved: FaceMe components are rendered correctly in an animation
        • Improved: Presto: Bucket render visible only in non-IR modes
        • Improved: IR Supersampling enabled back again
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (26th Jan 2015)
        • IR Camera changes now from Parallel to Perspective projection correctly (regression bug)
        • If a texture has no extension .jpg is being used now - previously no texture was exported (eph)
        • [Mac] Image save window works well with double .thea extensions now
        • TheaTool - SketchUp default materials selection in localized versions fixed (meak)
        • Cameras with fixed aspect ratio (also PhotoMatched scenes) regression bug fixed (Pixero)
        • Batch Render: FaceMe components are working now in SU7+
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (20th Jan 2015)
        • Cameras : Spherical and Cylindrical projections working back again
        • IR Quality of initial view can be controlled in Preferences now
        • Rendering stability improvement when using Manual Sun
        • Manual Sun is fully independent from SketchUp shadow settings
        • Manual Sun Radius multiplier added in a place of Sun radius specified in meters
        • Scenes Settings : Load/Save buttons replaced with bitmap buttons
        • Coloured Material Preset displays Roughness option correctly now (Stefan)
        • [Win32] Installer comes with SU2015 32 bit version
        • Spherical & Cylindrical projection works fine with standard camera again
        • other Presto stability fixes coming from Thea SDK
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (23nd Dec 2014)
        • Bug-fix: Modifying displacement while PrestoIR running works fine now
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (22nd Dec 14)
        • Network Render Log - gives you a feedback on how rendering nodes contribute to your rendering
        • Ghost will no longer appear in rendering. They were created when any of animation parameters were modified. Skp file would get larger when ghost present. To remove this additional data modify a animation parameter like 'Frames per second'.
        • Cameras - fix for aspect ratio when grey bars present in the view (regression bug)
        • Bugfix for no active camera (zero resolution message in Console) (eph)
        • BatchRender - checkboxes handled immediately when clicked
        • BatchRender - scenes set "In Queue" when all validation passed
        • Samples limit max value set to 99999
        • No Ruby warning present in RubyConsole on SketchUp start
        • IR will no longer change resolution when TheaTool opened for the first time
      • Thea for SketchUp v1. (16th Dec 14)
        • Batch Render
        • New channels - common & Presto only
        • Presto Bucket rendering
        • AdaptiveBSD pre-set name saved in rendering settings
        • Interactive state and target rendering window saved in rendering settings
        • Additional Blend with SketchUp IR mode - it doesn't modify current SketchUp display style
        • Fixed issue with materials not editable in 1.3.08
        • AdaptiveBSD blotches in perspective and parallel views
        • IES light issue when Z-Clipping used
        • 2p perspective fixes for SU2015
        • 2p perspective fixes for earlier versions excluding IR transitions
        • Environment & Sun exported from Thea Tool
        • Fixed for corrupted Plugins TheaRender entries (requires language re-selection and SketchUp reopening)
        • Fixed user interface layout for high DPI settings
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (10th Nov 14)
        • SketchUp materials in localized versions (IT,FR,..) can be edited now (regression bug)
        • SketchUp materials in localized versions keep their original names in Mat-Lab/Studio now
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (6th Nov 14)
        • previews of edited material are shown correctly also for mats imported through Thea Browser
        • [Mac] SU6-8 Thea doesn't crash when opened (regression bug)
        • [Mac] Mat-Lab opens correctly even when is in a path including spaces
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (4th Nov 14)
        • 64bit version for SketchUP 2015 Pro/Make
        • relative path support for loading and displaying external dependencies (/ModelName_files/ )
        • fix for "Container" for Lights
        • roughness control exposed for Colored Metal preset
        • Thea Image removed from animation export options (not supported)
        • FrontFace material is added only when necessary
        • Default Preset handles correctly textured SU Material with alpha map AND opacity<1.0
        • Display Settings show correct default values of Vignetting,Chroma,Contrast
        • WhiteBalance checkbox is enabled when WB value changes
        • fix for IR Preset first time modification for a SketchUp material #1274
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (8th Oct 14)
        • Thea Browser - 'External dependencies' list and search functionality added
        • Thea Browser - Saving SKP model with all external dependencies including models and textures into a zip archive
        • Exporting materials with double quote in name. TheaTool was not opening and export didn't work. Reported by HKLA
        • Exporting materials with very long names (full texture path). It was resulting in a crash. (Bug#1255) Reported by eph
        • Exporting models with component names congaing '##'. It was 'freezing' an export process.
        • Exporting models with perplexed UV coordinates. It was resulting in PrestoCPU not rendering and freezing when stopped. Reported by Pixero
        • [Mac] conflict with Vray removed. (Bug#1092) Reported by siaq89
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (15th July 14)
        • Fix to TheaTool not opening in case of large models (reported by Bob James)
        • Animation issues - no more "flying" objects (Bug# 1147)
        Thea for SketchUp v1. (24th June 14)
        • Interactive Render Overlay introduced directly in SketchUp viewport
        • Interactive Region Render in SketchUp viewport
        • Image export works back again
        • Saving mod.thea in Thea Browser writes associated SU textures now
        • [Mac] TheaTool doesn't crash when last model is closed
        • [Mac] TheaTool doesn't crash when there is no material in a model
        • [Mac] IBL names are displayed correctly now