Altair Inspire Render beta 4 now available (with new license)

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Thea Developer
Thea Developer
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Beta 4 of Inspire Render and Inspire Studio are available

In this beta we focused primarily on shortening the list of bugs we have in queue.

Some notable improvements are the revised camera panel (easy/expert mode), RealTime GI improved and blurry reflections added, .fbx/.gltf/.blend importer.
We also added ALT+Click in the texture widget to bring up the texture tone editor and SHIFT+Click to remove the texture.

To download the package go the landing page:

Here is the updated license file. This time we made it up to August 30th.
(2.41 KiB) Downloaded 336 times
It is recommended to delete the settings file before running beta 2.
On Windows:
  • Quit Inspire Render (or Studio)
  • Open a File Explorer window
  • Go into your Home folder (usually C:\Users\<your user name>
  • Delete the .altair folder
On Mac:
  • Quit Inspire Render (or Studio)
  • Open a terminal window (/Application/Utilities/
  • Write the following command: rm -fr ~/.altair
  • Press enter
Please refer to previous beta announcement for additional details about installation and licensing

Fixes and addition since beta 3
    • Texture Positioning tool - Better support (and more options) when multiple objects are selected.
      In particular, when instances are selected, all share the same texture mapping. [Rombout]
    • Material tool - Texture widget:
      • The menu button is now slightly bigger. [JQL]
      • Shortcuts: SHIFT+Click on texture to remove the texture, ALT+Click to open texture edit panel. [JQL]
    • Can now save into .iRenderPack to include all textures in one single file.
    • Real-Time rendering improvements and fixes. This includes:
      • Scene luminosity is wrong in "Global Illumination / Simple" [Rombout]
      • Better Global Illumination calculation
      • Objects interreflections ("Blurry reflections")
      • "Use Surface Color for Bump" is not working - fixed
      • "Use Surface Color for Bump" does not take into account texture edits - fixed
      • "Burn" in Tone Mapping is now supported
    • Revised the Camera tool, added "Expert" options to have full control of camera parameters (default is "Easy" parameters), moved some parameters to a more logic layout. [Rombout, others]
      Same changes done in Darkroom.
    • More fixes when reading .scn.thea files.
      • Import from Thea : missing Depth of Field parameters for the camera [Rombout]
    • Added "Wrap" tool to help reconstruction of scanned geometry.
    • All primitives now show dimensions while being created.
    • Many bug fixes in general
    • More crashes fixed
  3. MISC
    • Added new plugin to import .fbx, .blend, .glTF files. Geometry and materials are suppoerted. [Frederik]
      • FBX: up to version 2013, always uses "cm" as import units.
      • BLEND: scenes with SubDiv modifier generate weird geometry.
      • glTF: no known limitations.
    • TriMesh geometry cannot be selected in Wireframe mode
    • More speed-ups when loading complex scenes
    • Deformations now work directly on TriMesh geometry
    • Status bar message when external files (textures) are missing. Clicking on it allows to manually search the files and fix the problem.
    • Adjustments to mouse wheel scroll
    • Many bug fixes in general
    • More crashes fixed
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Thea Beta Tester
Thea Beta Tester
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.blend importer is a great move! :thumbup:

Still no animation in this version ? It's difficult to find time to test this new software so I'll wait untill anim is added to dive in.
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