Features per Engine
(version 1.5)

Adaptive BSD
Unbiased TR1/TR2
Adaptive AMC
Presto AO
Presto MC

Full Spectral Resolution



Clip Mapping

Alpha Mapping

Bump Mapping

Normal Mapping

Displacement Mapping

Motion Blur

Sub Surface Scattering (SSS)



Volumetric Scattering (Medium)



Blurred Reflections

Clay Render

Depth of Field

Material Layering

Max Coatings Limitation






Max Substrates Limitation






Thin Film Coating




Thin Film Interference

Complex IOR Files


Coating Thickness Absorption


Custom Reflectance 90


Custom Fresnel Curve


Sigma Texture


Sun-Pool Caustics


Terminator Artifact Solver

Ambient Occlusion



Lens Shift

Camera Projections

Diaphragm Circular/Polygonal



Per-Model Texture Coordinates

Texture Projection Modes

Front/Camera Mapping

Multiple UV Channels

Texture Tone Mapping

Procedural Textures


Texture Layering

Synthesis Texture Layering


Point Lighting

Mesh Lighting

Image-based Lighting

Reflection/Refraction Mapping

Physical Sun/Sky

HDRI Support

IES Support

Instance Support

Relight Support


Repaint Support (COLIMO)



Luminance Analysis

Illuminance Analysis


Resume/Merge Render


Basic Render Passes

Advanced Render Passes


Shadow/Raw Passes


Interactive Render


Vignetting / Bloom / Glare (Post)

Camera Response CRF (Post)

Color Balance (Post)


Network Rendering

Region Rendering

GPU Support


Passive Emitter

Z Clipping

Micro Roughness

Invisible Emitter

Invisible Model

Shadowless Model

Shadowless Point Lights


Bucket Rendering


Extended Ray Tracing


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