At this section, you can find some Thea Studio scenes to download and experiment with several features. Use the Download button below each scene to download the corresponding pack.thea file. Use Thea Studio to open it and render it. Copyrights of the original scenes belong to users that designed them. Used under permission. In case you have scenes you would like to share with us and other users, you can contact us.

Benchmark Scenes

BenchMark Scenes

A set of 4 nice benchmark scenes, specifically modeled and setup for Presto (GPU+CPU) benchmarking. Presto (MC) is the chosen engine, rendering for 5 minutes, with the target resolution at 1280x720. CUDA capable graphics card with 1Gb memory is needed for running the benchmark on graphics device. The render information containing the benchmark results can be found in the Console log after render is finished. Scenes created by Patrick Nieborg.




Laser Lab

This scene of a laser lab, shows the optical refraction and dispersion, in full spectral resolution, of white light as it passes through a prism. It combines  both volumetrics (global medium is enabled) and dispersion and is a good example for lighting study.
Created by Patrick Nieborg.




At this scene of a leather briefcase with zipper, two main Thea Render features are used:  the leather material is created by the use of many layers (advanced and innovating Layering System) and Displacement mapping (Geometric Modifier)  is also used to create the zipper area.
Created by Patrick Nieborg.



Logo and Coins

A Thea logo and two coins compose this example scene. Both silver and gold materials use the corresponding IOR files (spectral index of refraction and extinction coefficient) to have accurate reproduction of the corresponding materials.
Created by Patrick Nieborg.



Living Room - IES Lights

Part of a classic living room. The lighting of the room is achieved with the help of IES files, which can create different and accurate light effects.
Created by Frédéric Yves Moro.



Villa House

A modern Villa House to experiment with exterior shots and different camera views.
Created by David Hier.


Please Note: One or more textures in this 3D model have been created with images from These images may not be redistributed by default, please visit for more information.


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